Trends of 2012

Whether you loved them or not, these were the trends that went from runway to reality!

  • Peplum: I absolutely love this trend. There’s something so ladylike and chic about it. It gives you an instant hourglass figure and can easily be dressed up or down.peplum
  • Baroque: Few things are more royal than baroque print this season. The women rocked this trend on dresses, embellished purses and belts with ornate earrings while the dudes integrated this into their wardrobe with t-shirts and jackets. baroque-620x350
  • Bold Prints: Who says you can’t combine daring prints!? This trend  is all about breaking the rules and running wild with a myriad of mixed prints, whether it be leopard with checks, nautical stripes with tribal, stripes with floral or plaid on plaid, the possibilities are endless. mixedprints1
  • Neon: Making a big impact on the fashion scene, this look can either be bold and daring or fun and whimsical depending on what you pair it with. Hollywood divas have embraced this trend by wearing neon pieces to accentuate their fun, flirty and very bold personalities.16
  • Animal Faces: Beyond the magic of the folksy forest, other designers played with animal prints in different themes. Kenzo’s roaring tiger print was one of the most memorable.kenzo44
  • Layering Jewelry: Layers on layers on layers, arm candy replace chunky bangles this year. It was all about keeping it small and layering unconventional pieces together. Watches no longer had the wrist real estate to it self.WristCandy8
  • Studs: Bedazzling is so 90s, but studs and spikes? Those were all the rage in 2012. Whether it was spiked out jackets or glam spiked bracelets and sneakers studs found their way into the mainstream and gave everyday items an extra bit of hardcore edge.Picture 7
  • All Leather Everything: Leather leather leather and, oh! More leather?  Sure why not. This year was all about leather taking over every single item of your wardrobe. Whether it was a leather trim or pocket or a pair of leather pants the trend had its place in our closets.LEATHER4
  • Wedge Sneakers: I’ll admit, this trend is the worst trend of 2012 (what could you wear them with? are they even comfortable?)08-26-Wedge-Top
  • Pyjama (Silky) Pants: Skinny jeans and super sleek leggings have been in heavy rotation for a few seasons now, so you can’t blame a girl for wanting to loosen up a bit.pajama-pants

What was your favorite trend of 2012?

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Cashmere is versatile

Winter sale just started and I’d like to invest in 100% cashmere sweaters  in a basic color, like black, navy, gray or cream —  a perfect staple piece you can’t go wrong with. Let’s see..

Here are some of my choices:
J.Crew Collection



CASHMERE V-NECK SWEATER, Navy, €187,90 (expected to ship Apr 16, 2013)

For a truly comfortable, effortless style, paired with a favorite jeans and flats.

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ZARA is on SALE!


The waiting has an end. It’s sale time at Zara, and I couldn’t be more excited. If you’re financially frugal like myself, you’ll dig what you can find at Zara.

Semi-annual sale starts tomorrow (Thursday, December 27th) and there will be great deals on all the seasons hottest pieces.  Men, Women’s and Kids are all on sale, so head into your closest Zara or shop online before everything is sold out.

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